The Little Scribblers Philosophy


At Little Scribblers, children are individuals. They have unique talents, capabilities and aspirations. Our Little Scribblers community nurtures these qualities. And our children thrive.

We understand that your child has an innate sense of curiosity.  At Little Scribblers we encourage this behaviour. We create a stimulating, healthy and caring environment. When children are curious, they engage with their world and remember information.

Inspired by the Reggio Emilia Early Learning Philosophy

The world famous teaching philosophy, Reggio Emilia inspires our early learning program. Named after the Italian city where the approach began, Reggio Emilia fosters collaboration.  It encourages children to work together, with teachers, and with parents to deliver learning outcomes.

At Little Scribblers, we also incorporate other aspects of Reggio Emilia into our early learning program. We:

  1. Observe, document and communicate your child’s experiences.
  2. Use objects and materials to provoke creative thinking, exploration, experimentation and expression.
  3. Treat the environment as a third teacher. It captures the attention of the child and encourages exploration.
  4. Focus on aesthetics through the organisation of materials and objects. This includes making use of natural materials, big open spaces, light and shadow, and sounds.

There are similarities between Reggio Emilia and the Australian Government’s Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Both encourage children to learn through play. Your child’s natural sense of inquiry and discovery will benefits from play-based learning.

Children Remain Attentive with Play-Based Learning

We know that children learn best through play-based activities. As interested educators, we observe the interests and strengths of the children in our care.

This helps us to facilitate individual learning programs.  It allows us to introduce and strengthen ideas in a way that engages each child’s interest.

We continue to embrace this approach with extracurricular activities including languages, tennis, sports skills and dance.

Our Early Learning Childcare Educators’ Support and Enrich your Child’s Learning

Our people provide early learning childcare resources and opportunities for children to explore. They give your child materials, such as:

  • Paint.
  • Clay.
  • Musical instruments.
  • Writing implements.

They also question and encourage children to think creatively, investigate and solve problems.

By using cameras, video recorders and written observations to document your child’s thoughts and ideas, they help to make learning ‘visible’. We collect and share with you in a secure environment their:

  • Experiences.
  • Comments.
  • Ideas.
  • Learning stories.
  • Photos.
  • Observations.

Our educators also use this information to develop an individually tailored learning program for your child. It covers the five learning areas detailed in the Early Years Learning Framework.

You are Also Encouraged to Contribute

To close the gap between home and early learning, and to provide a sense of continuity, we welcome your participation and feedback about what your child is doing and learning outside Little Scribblers.

In conjunction with the Early Years Learning Framework, our early learning program encourages active participation. It also develops interest-based activities and extends your child’s capabilities, while challenging their strengths.

At Little Scribblers, We Provide a Caring, Stimulating and Safe Environment

Under our guidance and with your support, children develop their physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills through authentic interactions with other children and staff.

Another aspect of our early learning program is that encourages children to develop at their own pace. We respect their routines. But we are also flexible with our own. By giving children the time they need to achieve success also builds their self-esteem.

Hands-on experiences enable children to make sense of their worlds in a meaningful way.

But don’t just read our philosophy. Come and see it in action for yourself at any of our Little Scribblers Campuses.

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What they say

Luke Wileman

  Little Scribblers is a fantastic bright, open day care centre with very kind and dedicated child carers. They have been nurturing and teaching our son for a couple of years now. We are very happy with their professional care.

Luisa Cunha

  Thank you Fabi and all the girls at Little Scribblers ???? The staff are an extension of our family. I have always felt so comfortable leaving son there. Not only my son has been well looked after, he is also being educated !

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