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Building lifelong learners.

Little Scribblers on Benaroon Road, Belmore, treats every child differently. At our early childhood centre, a successful education rises from the synergy of families and educators. Guided by the Reggio Emilia philosophy we listen to what your child has to say.

Ages: 6 weeks – 6 years
Hours: 7:00am-6:00pm Monday to Friday
Address: Level 1, 5 – 9 Benaroon Road, Belmore NSW 2192

Benaroon Road


Gap Per Day

*Based on 85% subsidy, 5% withholding, 24 hours or more & child 3 years and over
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Outdoor Adventure Time

Our early childhood centre includes a safe and secure outdoor play area. We treat our environment as a third teacher, transforming it into educational playgrounds. We plan play-based experiences to help your child learn in the great outdoors.

A Magical Early
Learning Experience

A stimulating, healthy, and caring environment. We encourage children to explore their natural sense of curiosity. If happiness fills the early steps of play and discovery, then your child learns and thrives.

Gorgeous & Functional Facilities


Dedicated & Caring Educators


Pre-School Program


Working With You
Towards A Successful Education

At Little Scribblers, our early years program adopts the principle that children are natural learners who develop at their own pace. Our early learning program is flexible, individual, and engaging.
6 weeks-2 years
At Little Scribblers, we work closely with families to create a caring environment. Our babies learn through everyday routines. We collect and communicate your baby’s personal experiences. As well, we learn their cue to keep to their patterns.
2-3 years
Toddlers love to investigate and make meaning of the world around them. Our educators encourage children to think for themselves by looking, observing and finding answers. At Little Scribblers, we also offer a Phonics program for children from the age of 2.
3-5 years
We provide a Pre-Kindergarten/School Ready environment. Between the age of 3 and 5, your child will also develop new friendships with other kids. Our educators guide children to resolve conflict and play together. It strengthens their problem-solving skills.

Your Child’s Confidence Starts Here

Fall in love with our facilities and revolutionary approach to learning. During your tour, you’ll meet the team & we’ll answer all your questions. Come and experience Little Scribblers for yourself.

You’ll wish you were a kid again.

Incorporating Australian Government’s Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)

Working Towards the National Quality Standards (NQS) and National Quality Framework (NQF).

Join Hundreds of Happy
Parents at Little Scribblers

T Kay

Very happy with Little Scribblers Benaroon Road, My son has been going for just under a year. Teachers are very supportive and friendly and my son loves them very much. He is always learning something new and there’s always heaps do at the centre with its amazing and modern facilities. Very clean rooms also which is not always the case with many centres. The staff take pride in their work you can tell.

Kassabi Salma

This centre is impressive would highly recommend it for any family thank you to the little snow leopards for everything

Eleni Hritis

My daughter has been going there for around half a year and she absolutely loves it. She’s learnt do much from there it gets me excited plus the decor is super cute. Friendly lovely teachers too, definitely recommend this place

Syed Mustafa

My children have been at little scribblers now for just over a year. We are super impressed and want to thank the educators in the little snow leopards room for all their hard work. Would highly recommend this centre.

K.Subadra Raju

The place is like palace with so many rooms and so many kids activities like library, music, technology, race track, football field and lots more. We are so grateful, and happy to deal with management and staff.

Book a tour today to experience it for yourself.

We’ll happily give you a tour of our facilities and answer all of your questions. You’ll get a better idea of the centre and experience Little Scribblers’ revolutionary approach.

Ready For An Awesome Start With Early Learning?

Little Scribblers values its children. A secure, caring and enriched environment supports their learning. We also understand that education is not a one-size-fits-all solution. So, we’ve developed unique and individualised play-based learning.

A Safe & Awesome Environment

Our childcare learning centre features a cozy library with lots of pillows. There’s even a technology corner with iPads and an iMac for the children to use. These provide hands-on experiences to allow your child to make sense of the world in a meaningful way.

Meeting Your Child’s Needs

A positive environment with happy, content, and settled children.
Highly qualified and experienced team.
A high standard of hygiene and cleanliness.
Daily communication about your child’s routine and activities.
Innovative and creative programs that assist development.

Educators That Care

All staff at Little Scribblers are fully-trained, qualified and accredited by the Department of Education and Training.

Our educators love what they do. They build respectful relationships with the children. Your child learns and completes tasks at his or her own pace. Self-paced learning builds children’s self-esteem so they achieve success.

Play Based Learning

Children learn so much through play. They explore, discover, negotiate, take risks, create meaning and solve problems. They build all the important foundations for developing literacy, numeracy and social skills.

While it may sound simple and easy, play-based learning is a complex form of natural enquiry. It requires an experienced educator who knows each child’s overall development, emerging strengths and interests.

Preparing For
School Success


Free subscription to a phonics program.
Weekly homework program.
Focused literacy and numeracy skills.

EYLF Based Curriculum

The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) is the basis of our programming at Little Scribblers. The Framework recognises that early childhood is a vital period in children’s learning and development. EYLF embodies the idea of ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming’.

The EYLF defines the principles, practices and outcomes essential to every early learning program and is designed to ensure all children, from birth to five years of age, receive high-quality learning experiences.

Daycare Fitness Program

We have partnered with Soccajoeys to provide a fun and healthy Soccer Program. This Program has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Children have the opportunity to develop skills including:

Gross motor skills
Group interaction
Confidence and self-esteem

The Little Extras That
Matter The Most

Meals and Nutrition

Kids Gourmet Foods provide all our daily meals. We offer a 6-week rotational menu. Our gourmet style meals are healthy and nutritionally balanced. Our centre is also egg and nut free.

Extra-Curricular Activities

There’s a real sense of community spirit at our Little Scribblers Early Learning Centre. We organise excursions to local places to explore and learn about our community. There’s also loads of fun to be had inside our centres with special incursions and themed dress-up days.


We use Storypark to document and share observations of your child over a secure online environment. It gives families an understanding of their child’s progress and day.

Nappies, Wipes, Sunscreen and More

We supply all nappies, wipes and sunscreen. Our top priorities are hygiene, health, cleanliness and safety. We wash and dry all linen on site.

Silvia Mikhial

Jackie Daniels

Meet the Hearts and Minds Behind Little Scribblers Early Learning Centres


Little Scribblers is a Family Business, we're - Jackie and Silvia- sisters, in fact, we're Twins. WE LOVE working with children in a preschool setting, and are both passionate about children and their learning! Our story is quite interesting and what we believe is very similar to what every working parent believes, in quality care, where education is beyond imagination.

About twelve years ago Silvia needed to get back to work and was quite saddened and even dismayed as we visited local centres looking for the right place for her daughter. Initially, she was enrolled in a family centre that loved and cared for her very much, however, we soon had to move to a new house which meant we had to find a new centre. 

The struggle repeated as we searched and searched for a centre that had that wow factor, we wanted a centre where education and learning were imperative. Eventually, we decided to take a risk, and open our own…we were able to offer an innovative, stimulating and refreshing approach to traditional childcare.

We were so excited to plant the seed of our very own brand new franchise of Little Scribblers. The funny thing is, by following our dream and taking a leap, we found life's calling - children and preschool services. Let us remind you that, first and foremost, we are PARENTS - just like you.

We very much enjoy owning our boutique styled franchise, we have a strong team, both our husbands are also involved in the family franchise, which helps make the strong team.

I hope that after you decide to tour our program and enrol, that we will become partners in your child's education and daily care. At Little Scribblers Early Learning Centres, we LOVE what we do and accept nothing but the very best. Welcome to our School!


Jackie & Silvia

Centre Fees After
Childcare Subsidy.


$21.18 / day *

Contact us now to confirm your rate after the Childcare Subsidy.

Frequently Asked
Questions From Parents

What time do you open?
We open 7am Weekdays Monday to Friday.
Do I need to provide my child’s lunch?
Little Scribblers provides all nutritionally balanced meals: breakfast (before 8.30am), morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and fruit for little snacks between important meals.
What age do you take babies?
We welcome babies from 6 weeks of age.
I’m eligible for childcare assistance. How do I make a claim?
Answer all the questions on your enrolment form. We will contact the Department of Human Services to confirm your eligibility for childcare subsidy.
I’m eligible for the childcare subsidy. How do I claim that?
Complete all the questions on your enrolment form. The Department of Human Services will confirm your eligibility for the childcare subsidy.
My child is struggling with learning the ABCs. Can you help?
Absolutely. Little Scribblers Early Learning Program tailors education towards your child’s needs and interests. We also offer a phonics program for children from the age of 2.
Can I visit during the day to breastfeed my baby?
We welcome breastfeeding at all our centres. Alternatively, you can store your milk in bottles in the fridge. Our carers nurse babies during feeding time to encourage positive interactions.

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What they say

Eleni Hritis

  My daughter has been going there for around half a year and she absolutely loves it. She’s learnt do much from there it gets me excited plus the decor is super cute. Friendly lovely teachers too, definitely recommend this place

K.Subadra Raju

  The place is like palace with so many rooms and so many kids activities like library, music, technology, race track, football field and lots more. We are so grateful, and happy to deal with management and staff.

0400 053 053

Level 1, 5 - 9 Benaroon Road, Belmore NSW 2192

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