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We at Little Scribblers believe in empowering young learners. Through hands-on, play-based learning, our state-of-the-art Early Learning Centres are designed to pique your child’s curiosity and creativity.

We provide enriching environments that encourage children to discover, learn, and grow by utilising the Regio Emilia Philosophy. Join us on a journey of discovery and learning, where your child will grow into a confident and capable learner.

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Respect & Responsibility

Little Scribblers’ early learning program uses the principles of respect, responsibility, and community.

Reggio Emilia approach

Assumes people form their own personality during their early years of development.

Enriching Environment

Embraces exploration and discovery in a supportive and enriching environment.

Creative Areas

The creative areas engage children in exploring the experiences, activities, and equipment.

Visit Your Nearest Little Scribblers Centre

Wonder and knowledge engage your child’s interest. Our centres’ unique designs and play-based learning encourages their desire to explore.

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Welcome to Little Scribblers! We offer “book a tour” experiences at our 7 conveniently located childcare centres across Sydney. Our tours allow you to see our facilities, meet our experienced and caring staff, and learn about our educational programs. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and see first-hand how we provide a safe and nurturing environment for your little ones. Book your tour today and discover the unique qualities of Little Scribblers.

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Nationally Recognised Early Learning Programs

We are proud to offer nationally recognised early learning programmes, including accredited kindergarten and preschool, that use a play-based learning approach at Little Scribblers. Our Pre-Kindergarten programme is exclusive to Little Scribblers Early Learning Centres.

Our dedication to providing high-quality education and care is reflected in our adoption of the “Belonging, Being, and Becoming” programme, which is part of Australia’s Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and has been approved by the Department of Education and Training. This programme is an essential component of the National Quality Framework (NQF) and contributes to continuous improvement in early childhood education and care services throughout Australia.

Discover why Australian families adore our curriculum and learning approach. Schedule a tour today and discover the Little Scribblers difference.

What’s Early Learning At Little Scribblers All About?

The world-renowned Reggio Emilia approach to early learning inspires us at Little Scribblers. This educational philosophy acknowledges that children form their personalities during their formative years.

Our early learning programme is founded on the values of respect, responsibility, and community, and it offers a safe and enriching environment for exploration and discovery. Through a self-curated curriculum, children are encouraged to follow their interests and guide their own learning.

We recognise the importance of the environment as a third teacher in our centres. As a result, our centres are designed to be rich and stimulating environments filled with high-quality toys, books, and artwork. Children are encouraged to explore the experiences, activities, and equipment available to them in the creative areas, which fosters their curiosity and creativity.

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Join Hundreds of Happy Parents at Little Scribblers

We can’t say enough good things about Little Scribblers @ Brookvale. The center and facilities are absolutely beautiful. Jackie and Edam have made the daycare feel like a big family and created a very strong sense of community in a short period of time. Sarah and the rest of the staff are amazing and like second moms to our daughter. I’ve recommended Little Scribblers to all my mother’s group and friends with children.

Kristen Splinter

I knew in my heart that I was making the right decision when I enrolled my toddler at Little Scribblers. My decision was mostly based on the fact that this is a family owned and operated business. Little Scribblers is a business with a heart and a soul. It is a business about people and that is what makes it stand out from the other centres around. This shows in everything that is done at the centre. I recommend it with my eyes closed.

Catarina Gruendling

I would like to say a BIG thank you to Little Scribblers for all you have done for my little boy. Your centre is excellent the support & guidance to both my son and I has been overwhelming and incredible. He is always so excited to go and forever asking if it is a day care day he LOVES being there when I pick him up he always wants to stay longer that makes me so happy to know that he is content and fulfilled being looked after by people who genuinely care.

Peta Harrison

I’ve just begun at the Belmore centre, and honestly from the first two days, I can see the passion the educators have in this centre. From the first 2 days, I saw a variety of resources being used. Friendly staff, approachable and great communication. Thank you for making my little one feel welcomed. Small things like the buddy system, and big things like my child coming home telling me what he did at childcare today means the world to me. As a working parent this means a lot to me and my partner that my child is in a safe and fun place!

Em Abbas

My boys (1.5 and 4) LOVE to go. The staff are exceptional, caring and focussed on each child's interests and strengths. So happy we found Little Scribblers they really are like a family to us now - thank you!

Nina Dorn

This is such a wonderful day care. We could not be happier with the care our daughter receives here. The facilities are wonderful and the new baby room is stunning. The educators are amazing and provide a safe and nurturing environment for the children.

Jacky Oman

children are born ready to learn

At Little Scribblers, our early years program adopts the principle that children are natural learners who develop at their own pace. Our early learning program is flexible, individual, and engaging.


6 weeks - 2 years

Infants develop best when they have a trusted educator. Each child receives oodles of individual attention and loving care. We create experience-filled opportunities. Our trained educators nurture babies to provide strong foundations for ongoing learning.

At Little Scribblers Early Learning Centres we know how important it is for young babies and their families, that their home routine is replicated within our centres, so we encourage families work with us as we integrate these routines. We know that young children need to feel safe, and secure in order to grow.

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2 - 3 years

Toddlers are full of energy and curiosity. It’s the perfect time for plenty of active play, indoors and out. We encourage toddlers to express themselves in different ways. We listen, as your child’s independence grows.

The Little Scribblers Toddler curriculum is based on the principals that 2-3 year olds are amazing learners, that we respect toddlers as equal human beings with rights, deserving of dignity and respect and the principle that it is our qualified educators who build sheltered and joint relationships for developing identity, connection to others; communication; learning and belonging.

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Junior Pre-Schoolers

3 - 4 years

We commence early stages of our Pre-Kindergarten program from the age of 3 in preparation for Pre-School.

We understand the importance of starting the children off on the right foot for their life long learning journey. Developing early literacy and early numeracy skills are very important part of this first step. At Little Scribblers we ensure that we are fostering this skill by relating to pre-literacy and pre-numeracy concepts in our everyday learning environment through experimentation, hypothesising, enquiry and reasoning.

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4 - 5 years

These children have a limitless imagination. One minute they’re a taxi-driver. The next, they’re transforming into superheroes to save the world. We encourage their “be anything” attitude. They also develop advanced ways for learning as they get older.

The Pre-School program balances structure and free choice as well as quiet times. Two types of informal activity are used in the program – developmental play and project work. Developmental play consists of making available a variety of activities from which the children can choose to play.

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Meeting Your Child’s Needs

  • Provide play-based learning programs.
  • Make learning visible by documenting the thoughts and ideas of children.
  • Tailored learning programmes across the five learning areas of the Early Learning Framework (EYLF).
  • Communicate observations to parents.
  • Believe every child is different.
  • Create unique learning programs.
  • Embrace a rich and vibrant blend of cultures, backgrounds and experiences.
  • Individualise learning experiences to suit your child.
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