Innovative Play-Based Early Learning in Sutherland

At Little Scribblers Sutherland, a lifelong love of learning begins with the best possible child care services. That’s why we’ve embraced the Reggio Emilia philosophy. Welcome to a child care centre where children have the right to choose their destiny.

Ages: 6 weeks – 6 years
Hours: 7:00am-6:00pm Monday to Friday
Address:  64 Toronto Parade, Sutherland NSW 2232



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*Based on 85% subsidy, 5% withholding, 24 hours or more & child 3 years and over
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Curiosity Was Nature’s First Playground

Children love to explore. That’s why Little Scribblers Early Learning Centres have gorgeous play areas designed to stimulate learning. Kids are naturally curious and want to learn about themselves and the world around them.

A Magical Early
Learning Experience

A stimulating, healthy, and caring environment. We encourage children to explore their natural sense of curiosity. If happiness fills the early steps of play and discovery, then your child learns and thrives.

Gorgeous & Functional Facilities

Dedicated & Caring Educators

Pre-School Program

Where Collaboration Builds A Child’s Success

At Little Scribblers, our early years program adopts the principle that children are natural learners who develop at their own pace. Our early learning program is flexible, individual, and engaging.

0-2 years

Babies are born learners. Our Early Years program encourages your child to develop a curiosity for the world around them. Every activity, including sleep time and feeding, creates a connection-based learning experience.

2-3 years

By now, you’ve learnt to put your best crockery away. This is a time when children burst with energy and develop their independence. As your toddler becomes more active, our educators plan for plenty of activity play, both inside and out.

4-5 years

Between 3 and 5, dramatic play becomes more involved and creative. It builds your child’s self-confidence. Our early learning development program also uses these opportunities to help children hone their social, literacy, language, communication, mathematical and decision-making skills

Your Child’s Confidence Starts Here

Be wowed by our facilities and revolutionary approach to learning. During your tour, we’ll answer all your questions. Come inside our day care centres and experience Little Scribblers’ learning program for yourself.

Don’t you wish you were the kid again?

Meeting NQS for the National Quality Standards (NQS) and National Quality Framework (NQF)

Little Scribblers Early Learning Centre Sutherland incorporates the Australian Government’s Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) into their learning programs.

Join Hundreds of Happy
Parents at Little Scribblers

Kara Karanfilovski

The staff are absolutely amazing, From the second you walk in the door,
Music is playing, kids are dancing and laughing, Always such a happy vibe. When it comes to home time, my boys never want to leave. The center is always clean and tidy. Would highly recommend with 5+ stars

Mirah Patresia

The centre atmosphere so Warm like a home, best place for children to learn and develop

Tasmin Jackson

Staff are always accommodating and the vibe at the centre is happy and upbeat. Centre is clean and modern and all of the children look very happy there.

Troy Walters

Amazing centre. Amazing staff. Highly recommended!

Emily Wakim

A fun and settling centre for kids with great management who create and maintain a good sense of team, safety, hygiene and a pleasant environment for staff.

Alanah El Hajje

Fun place for kids and staff are absolutely amazing

Book a tour today to experience it for yourself.

We’ll happily give you a tour of our facilities and answer all of your questions. You’ll get a better idea of the centre and experience Little Scribblers’ revolutionary approach.

Learning With
Imaginative Spaces

Little Scribblers Sutherland sparks your child’s imagination with safe and stimulating early learning programs. Through play-based learning your child develops positive interactions with other children and staff.

Supporting Your Child’s Early Development


Respecting all families and cultures by providing equal opportunities and fostering inclusion.


Fully trained, caring and supportive educators.


Superior standards of hygiene and health.


2-Way communication and secure digital updates of observations with photos to families.


Learning through play.

Play Based Learning

Children like to roleplay. Whether it’s in groups, with another child or by themselves. Roleplaying creates thought-provoking situations and challenges. It allows them to explore situations, take risks and discover solutions.

Play-based learning provides important skills for developing literacy, numeracy and social situations.


Give your child a great start at life with school success.


Free phonics program subscription.


Create new habits early with our weekly homework program.


Focus on literacy and numeracy skills.

Educators Who Listen

Our staff are trained, accredited and qualified by the Department of Education and Training.

Our people love what they do. They build respectful relationships with children. Your child will learn to complete tasks at their own pace. This allows children to build self-esteem and achieve success.

EYLF Based Curriculum

The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) is the basis of our programming at Little Scribblers. The Framework recognises that early childhood is a vital period in children’s learning and development. EYLF embodies the idea of ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming’.

The EYLF defines the principles, practices and outcomes essential to every early learning program and is designed to ensure all children receive high-quality early learning experiences.


Preparing for
School Success



Free phonics program subscription.


Focused literacy and numeracy skills.


School Ready program with weekly homework folders.

Strengthening Communities, Families and Children

Meals and Nutrition

All children at our Sutherland Centre receive fresh, nutritious meals prepared by Sydney’s Kids Gourmet Foods. You can relax knowing that special requests such as food allergies, cultural and religious requirements are catered for without spoiling the healthy food experience.

Extra-Curricular Activities

While Little Scribblers treats the environment as a third teacher, the physical surroundings of the child care service are just one aspect. Our educators work closely with families and local community members to provide unique experiences outside of our centres. We also have special incursions and dress up days to create a fun and interesting learning atmosphere.


We use Kinderloop to observe, document and share your child’s experiences over a secure online environment. It allows us to share special moments with families and provide early learning updates.

Nappies, Wipes, Bedsheets, Sunscreen and More

At the end of the day, you don’t have to drive home with dirty sheets. We wash all linen on site. Little Scribblers also supply all wipes, sunscreen and nappies. Your child’s health, hygiene, cleanliness and safety are our number one priority. It also makes your life that little bit easier.

Silvia Mikhial

Jackie Daniels

Meet the Hearts and Minds Behind Little Scribblers Early Learning Centres


Little Scribblers is a Family Business, we're - Jackie and Silvia- sisters, in fact, we're Twins. WE LOVE working with children in a preschool setting, and are both passionate about children and their learning! Our story is quite interesting and what we believe is very similar to what every working parent believes, in quality care, where education is beyond imagination.

About twelve years ago Silvia needed to get back to work and was quite saddened and even dismayed as we visited local centres looking for the right place for her daughter. Initially, she was enrolled in a family centre that loved and cared for her very much, however, we soon had to move to a new house which meant we had to find a new centre. 

The struggle repeated as we searched and searched for a centre that had that wow factor, we wanted a centre where education and learning were imperative. Eventually, we decided to take a risk, and open our own…we were able to offer an innovative, stimulating and refreshing approach to traditional childcare.

We were so excited to plant the seed of our very own brand new franchise of Little Scribblers. The funny thing is, by following our dream and taking a leap, we found life's calling - children and preschool services. Let us remind you that, first and foremost, we are PARENTS - just like you.

We very much enjoy owning our boutique styled franchise, we have a strong team, both our husbands are also involved in the family franchise, which helps make the strong team.

I hope that after you decide to tour our program and enrol, that we will become partners in your child's education and daily care. At Little Scribblers Early Learning Centres, we LOVE what we do and accept nothing but the very best. Welcome to our School!


Jackie & Silvia

Centre Fees
After Subsidy.


$22.14 / day *

Contact us now to confirm your rate after the Childcare Subsidy.

Frequently Asked Questions
From Parents

How old does my child need to be to join your centre?

We take babies from 6 weeks of age and children up to 6 years.

I forgot to put my child’s sunscreen on. Can s/he borrow yours?

Our Child care services provide sunscreen for every Little Scribblers’ child.

My child gets frustrated with counting numbers. Are you able to help?

We work with families and children to tailor learning programs to the needs. We’d love to show them how much fun numbers can be.

Are you open on public holidays?

We’re open 52 days of the year excluding public holidays. We also close early Christmas eve and New Year eve

My child has special needs, will s/he be welcome?

Our approach is that every child is different and that no one-size-fits-all. We welcome children with different backgrounds and from different cultures, providing equal opportunities and inclusion.

Do I need to provide fruit?

No. All our meals and fruit are catered for by Sydney’s Kids Gourmet Foods. We provide a minimum of two servings of fruit every day. They can take more from the fruit bowl as needed.

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What they say

Mirah Patresia

  The centre atmosphere so Warm like a home, best place for children to learn and develop

Kara Karanfilovski

  The staff are absolutely amazing, From the second you walk in the door,
Music is playing, kids are dancing and laughing, Always such a happy vibe. When it comes to home time, my boys never want to leave. The center is always clean and tidy. Would highly recommend with 5+ stars

0410 759 962

64 Toronto Parade, Sutherland

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